Beret Guy and the search for the bakery.

Brief DescriptionEdit

Beret Guy is a frequent recurring character in XKCD. He has an odd fixation with bakeries and baked goods, specifically scones. He is very unrealistic and naive, often confusing other characters with his inappropriate optimism and sentimentality (example ).

Childhood/Early lifeEdit

His childhood and early life are unknown, they have never been shown nor has he ever talked about them.

Later YearsEdit

Beret Guy has been involved in numerous strips, during which he has been involved in a wide variety of schemes

Beret Guy fights Cordelia.

and events. The most common feature involving him is his hunt for a bakery and his passion for scones, frequently driving plots and jokes related to him.

At some point he had a bizarre relationship with a woman named Cordelia, culminating in him spending some time in a gunfight. It is unknown how this fight with Cordelia ended, but it is possible that he is the sole survivor as he has reappeared multiple times whereas Cordelia has not been mentioned.


  • Beret Guy's love for scones and bakeries shows up in a lot of mouseover text.
  • Beret Guy's appearance in the comic War (XKCD 769) is kept secret until you read the mouseover text.
  • Beret Guy owns a Kayak, and is very excited over its potential for adventure.
  • His easily-excitable nature frequently disrupts more existential conversations.
  • Beret Guy takes his name from the type of hat he wears.


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