Elaine demonstrates her problem-solving capabilities.

Brief DescriptionEdit

Help I'm trapped in a driver's licence factory Elaine Roberts is the daughter of Mrs Roberts and Robert'); DROP TABLE Students; sister. Her first appearance was in comic #342, the second of the 1337 series.

Childhood/Early lifeEdit

Elaine was good with computers from an early age and at age 11 her mother sent her to study Algorithms under Donald Knuth. After four years of training Elaine bested her master and left.

Later YearsEdit

In the late nineties Elaine explored the country alongside Adrian Lamo for a while; learning how to break into both computer systems and secured buildings. At some point she tricked him into an attempted break-in at NSA Headquarters, but it is unknown whether or not they suceeded.

Eventually she left Adrian and met up with several other famous figures in computing, notably Lawrence Lessig and Steve Jobs.

Later, Elaine took up the drums and helped start Riot Prrl, but before too

Elaine takes 'Fight the man' more literally then most.

long went back to hacking; annonymously posting various exploits before returning to her mother.

She and her mother teamed up for an unknown amount of activities before they were eventually noticed by record companies, who dispatched a pair of assassins to stop their activities.

Fortunately, Richard Stallman and Cory Doctorow arrived in time to stop the assassins. Afterwards Elaine has continued to work in computers and hacking discreetly.


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